CounterAttack: Uprising

Press Kit

Developer: Relative Games

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia (CA)

Release date: September 28, 2023

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/Series S/Series, and Steam


Price: $14.99

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Press Quotes

“it’s undeniably one of the deepest, most addictive and fun arcade shooters you can buy on Steam and one that no self-respecting gamer should be without.” – Simon Plumbe (Infinite Frontiers)

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Monetization Permission

Relative Games allows the contents of CounterAttack: Uprising to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from CounterAttack: Uprising is legally and explicitly allowed by Relative Games.


Relative Games
Tyler Boyes: Developer
Rei Boyes: Developer


CounterAttack: Uprising is a fully-customizable, multiplayer side-scrolling shooter currently available on Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

With 25 new attachments and 2 new levels (“Anomaly” and the elusive “Gate”), the game also features hundreds of ship and weapon attachments, 8 playable characters, co-op gameplay for 2-8 players online (or 1-4 players local co-op), and more!

In CounterAttack: Uprising, humanity is faced with a mechanical apocalypse. Beings known as “Automatons” are hellbent on the complete eradication of the human race – assembling an unstoppable armada and laying waste to everything in their path. With nowhere to go, humanity is forced to rush the Experimental Space Fighter program into production with 8 pilots leading the charge – each with their own ship and special ability supercharged by powerful Quantium:

  • Ayumi (Tactical Nuke)
  • Biff (Big Biff Beam)
  • Marcus (Meson Shockwave)
  • Joe (Overcharge)
  • Sarah (Quantium Shield)
  • Sloane (Fighter Squadron)
  • Carl (Plasma Strike)
  • Jinx (Hack Wave)

Fly solo or team up with other players in couch or online co-op. Build your ultimate ship by unlocking powerful upgrades – including special abilities and 600+ attachments ranging from engine turbos to full weapon conversions. Leverage the combination power-up system to create new weapons from scratch – and make your mark with a unique fighting style.

New for Switch

  • Redesigned player selector
  • 25 new attachments
  • 2 new levels: Anomaly and Gate
  • Countless bug fixes!

Key Features

  • Choose from 8 playable characters – each with their own unique ship.
  • Fight your way through 32+ levels and almost the same number of bosses!
  • Assemble your fighter from special weapons, upgrades, and 600+ attachments. 
  • Enjoy true co-op gameplay with 2-8 players online and 1-4 players local co-op – including crossplay.
  • Put together your own missions and levels using the game’s unique campaign/level editor.
  • Challenge yourself with three Endless survival modes.