A Token War

Press Kit

Title: A Token War

Developer: UpRoom Games

PC (Steam & itch.io)

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Review Requests

Review requests can be sent to novyunlimited@gmail.com

Monetization Permission

UpRoom Games allows the contents of A Token War to be published through video broadcasting services of any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from A Token War and explicitly allowed by UpRoom Games.

Game Description

Prepare for battle! A Token War combines deckbuilding, turn-based strategy, and challenging tactical gameplay in a game that will challenge your strategic assumptions – encouraging creativity as you develop new and varied battleplans for every level.

As you progress through the game, you’ll build up your arsenal of unique Tokens to employ in battles across five distinct regions. Upgrade your stronghold to maximize your strength – and utilize powerful spells to turn the tide of battle. With a combination of both random and designed encounters, each game requires you to come up with unique tactics in order to utterly crush the enemy!

Key Features

  • A New Style of Deck-Building: Build a collection of unique tokens and spells to use in battle.
  • Turn-Based Strategy: Command your tokens on unique game boards designed to fuse deck-building with classic, positional strategy games like chess.
  • Designed & Procedural Encounters: Each encounter combines designed and procedural elements to create a more varied and dynamic play experience.
  • Powerful Upgrades: Earn new and powerful upgrades for your stronghold.
  • Local “Vs.” Mode: Challenge your friends and family to a battle of wits in a unique draft system using a shared pool of tokens!