Kung Fu Jesus

Press Kit

Title: Kung Fu Jesus

Developer: Celestial Gold Studios

PC (Steam)


Press Quotes

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Review Requests

Review requests can be sent to novyunlimited@gmail.com

Monetization Permission

Celestial Gold Studios allows the contents of Kung Fu Jesus to be published through video broadcasting services of any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Kung Fu Jesus and explicitly allowed by Celestial Gold Studios.

Game Description

Join Kung Fu Jesus on a psychedelic, genre-busting beat ’em up set in a madcap world where organized crime, alternate dimensions, and hardcore martial arts converge. From the seedy underworld to the spiritual plane and beyond – nothing is as it seems in Kung Fu Jesus!

Key Features

  • Experience reality from Kung Fu Jesus’ point-of view through a story-driven campaign.
  • Fight your way to the truth beat ‘em up-style.
  • Try your hand at several mini-games.
  • Unlock powerful combos and special attacks.
  • Uncover 3 different endings!
  • Locate a secret map with directions to a treasure somewhere in the real world.

Music Video/Trailer

Gameplay Trailer