Super Phantom Cat 2

Press Kit

Title: Super Phantom Cat 2

Developer:  Veewo Games

Location: Xiamen / Beijing, China

Release date: August 17, 2017

Platforms: Android & iOS


Price: Free with in-app purchases


Super Phantom Cat 2

Veewo Games
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Awards & Recognition

Editor’s Choice (App Store & Google Play)
Indie Corner: New Indie Highlights (Google Play)
10 Best Free iOS & Android Games (August 2017)

Press Quotes

“This game is my new obsession. It’s an adorable little platformer that’s just the right amount of simple and addictive.” – Chelsey Pippin (BuzzFeed)

“Like its predecessor, Super Phantom Cat 2 will undoubtedly please platformer fans looking for some retro vibes while also offering some fresh features such as unlockable characters and a little resource management.” – Lian Amaris (GameZebo)

“I highly recommend giving Super Phantom Cat 2 a try, whether you’re a fan of the first game or just want a good old puzzle platformer to pass the time with.” – Christine Chan (AppAdvice)

“Super Phantom Cat 2 presents a whole new world of fun platforming challenges and perplexing puzzles. It’s a well-designed platformer with a bright, neon aesthetic that brings the genre up to date.” – Jessica Famularo (148Apps)

“It’s free, it’s slick, and it’s Mario in the good way.” – Edward Dang (Hardcore Gamer)

“Super Phantom Cat 2 is a solid mobile platformer.”  – Harry Slater (Pocket Gamer)

Monetization Permission

Veewo Games allows the contents of Super Phantom Cat 2 to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Super Phantom Cat 2 is legally and explicitly allowed by Veewo Games.


Chief Executive Officer
Jason Yeung

Creative Director
Lans Wang

Chief Technical Officer
Yop Chan

Business Contact:
Jason Yeung

Press contact:

Novy Unlimited

Official website:

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Game Description

The newest installment in the Phantom World saga, Super Phantom Cat 2 introduces all-new parkour gameplay and a more elaborate visual design encompassing a huge variety of worlds and characters. Super Phantom Cat 2 tells the story of Ari and his little sister Ina, who encounter a giant robot while on a stroll across a deserted land. Mesmerized by the immense robot, they get distracted – and a mysterious gang kidnaps Ina. Ari must now rescue his sister and bring her home … whatever it takes!

With four brand-new chapters – each with seven unique levels – Super Phantom Cat 2 features new enemy types and myriad obstacles that Ari must face on his quest to save Ina. To even the odds, friendly sprite Elo will be there to guide you. Uncover secrets and collect data to unlock more than 15 new playable characters – with awesome new characters already in the works.

Key Features

  • Immerse yourself in stunningly beautiful worlds with adorable characters.

  • Explore 4 different chapters with 7 levels and a whole new chapter on the way.

  • Collect 15 unique playable characters.

  • Unleash brand new Penta Phantom Powers such as Plant, Blink, Ice, and Smash (Resize coming soon).

  • Experience classic hardcore platforming gameplay on your mobile device with intuitive controls and a modern interface.

  • Enjoy social options such as the ability to climb the leaderboards, send rewards, and share replays via ReplayKit.

  • Save progress and continue playing across multiple devices, including Apple TV.


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Company Description

Founded in 2011 by Jason Yeung, Yop Chan and Lans Wang, Veewo is a small team based in Xiamen, China that’s devoted to making creative and beautiful games. The studio’s vision is to offer players stylized experiences that are perfectly matched to original gameplay. Games are more than a job: At Veewo, they’re a way of life. To learn more about Veewo Games and the Super Phantom Cat franchise, please visit