Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance

Press Kit

Title: Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance

Developer: VIsualLight

HTC Vive & Oculus Rift (Steam)

Press Quotes

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Review Requests

Review requests can be sent to novyunlimited@gmail.com

Monetization Permission

VisualLight allows the contents of Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance to be published through video broadcasting services of any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance and explicitly allowed by VisualLight.

Game Description

​Once upon a time, the notorious Pig Brothers gang invaded the New World, blasting and disfiguring nature to build their secret base.

Portrayed as evil by the media – who have been bought and paid by the Pig Brothers – the Wolf is the last defense between Nature and the brothers’ greed.

With no one to stop them, the Pig Brothers are laying waste to everything in their path, raking in the cash. Everyone thinks that Wolf is dead, but there’s a sliver of hope. It turns out that Wolf has upgraded his body with high-end prosthetic arms loaded with all sorts of weaponry, including shotguns and bombs!

Nature has its defender at last. Will the Pig Brothers pay the ultimate price?

Key Features

  • Experience an age-old fairy tale from a totally different perspective!
  • Move freely across the world through an innovative grappling mechanic.
  • Shoot carefully and be mindful of your bullet count!
  • Upgrade your character to fight the final boss.
  • Explore the world along with thousands of interactive objects.
  • Enjoy environments fully optimized for VR.
  • Solve challenging puzzles and infiltrators!