Chaser Tracer

Press Kit

Developer: Adki Works

Location: Northport, New York (US)

Release date: April 14, 2021

Platforms: Android & iOS


Price: Free with IAPs


Adki Works:

Chaser Tracer:

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Monetization Permission

Adki Works allows the contents of Chaser Tracer to be published through video broadcasting services of any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Chaser Tracer and explicitly allowed by Adki Works.


Adki Works
Adam Zerlin: Game Designer, Lead Programmer, Artist
Masaki Pierce: Game Designer, Programmer, Artist, Sound Designer, Composer

Contact & More Info

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Adam Zerlin

Masaki Pierce

Press contact:
Novy Unlimited

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Sporting cool vaporwave visuals and a soundtrack to match, Chaser Tracer dares you to safely deactivate a mass extinction device known as the Oblivion Orb – racing against time to decode thousands of alien symbols before it annihilates all life in the universe.

In Chaser Tracer, you decode alien symbols in the form of shapes that vary in size and complexity by tracing them with your fingers. A security device designed to protect the Oblivion Orb, the Chaser will stop at nothing to carry out its mission. Decode the symbols before the Chaser does – but be warned: It will get stronger the closer you get to deactivating the Oblivion Orb. If all else fails, make generous use of your power-up slots – simplifying a symbol or slowing down the Chaser, for example.

Key Features

  • Ear-pleasing synthwave soundtrack.
  • ’80s-inspired biomes and matching sound effects.
  • Procedurally-generated world for maximum replayability.
  • Useful power-ups to help players through 100 gnarly levels. 
  • Achievements and leaderboards make it easy to strut your stuff!