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Precision platforming not for the faint of heart


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“We’ll start right off with letting you know that this super fun game is VERY challenging, even to the best of players.”

– Galit Gordon (GamingCypher)


Interplanetary/foodie Platformer Bob Was Hungry Now Available on Steam

Precision platforming not for the faint of heart


SHELBY, Ohio — Aug. 19, 2015 — Get ready for the most challenging platforming experience of 2015: Bob Was Hungry from Shorebound Studios. Now available on Steam, Bob Was Hungry is the very definition of a hardcore platformer — demanding the utmost precision from players looking to help bobs in their interplanetary search for food.

In Bob Was Hungry, you play as one of many alien bobs scouring the universe for food. Long ago, the universe was full of planets made entirely of cheese — and eating one would leave a bob full for a lifetime. But greedy bobs gorged themselves carelessly on two or three at a time, and now cheese havens are all but extinct. Relying on its trusty rocket, your bob roams the universe — hoping to find scraps of food to survive.

Your bob will scale plateaus, dive into caves, explore the Arctic, island hop — whatever it takes to find food. Traversing environments may require dealing with spinning saw blades, climbing spiked walls, jumping through laser grids, and traveling through wormholes without being torn to pieces (and thus having to start from the beginning of the map). Collecting each level’s condiment makes for better (or worse) meals, but it also allows players to record their time and unlock each map’s insanely harder counterpart. If you love precision platformers with great controls, Bob Was Hungry is for you!

In addition to single-player, the game also supports up to eight online players in each of its four frantic multiplayer modes:

  • Co-op: Play with your friends and help one another make it to the end! Recommended for beginners.
  • “Shared death” co-op: Everyone has to make it to the end of each stage. If one person dies, everyone dies and has to start the stage over.
  • Competitive race: Race against your friends for the fastest time and the highest score.
  • Competitive survival race: Race against your friends, but you only get one life per stage!

Bob Was Hungry is a platformer for everyone, whether you’re a casual player or the most experienced speedrunner,” says Keith Swanger, Creative Director at Shorebound Studios. “Just want to have some fun with friends? Try out co-op mode. Want to get really mad at your friends? Shared-death co-op is for you. And if you finish the game wanting more, don’t worry. Every single stage has a hard version for those players seeking a real challenge, which brings the total to more than 170 levels. You’re going to die. A lot. But I think you’ll enjoy it.”


Key Features

  • 2-8 player online cooperative and competitive modes
  • Online game modes include co-op, shared death co-op, competitive race, and competitive survival race
  • Challenging precision platforming
  • More than 170 levels
  • Steam achievements and trading cards
  • Controller support


Pricing & Availability
Bob Was Hungry is now available on Steam for the discounted price of $9.99 (Windows-only). On September 2 (two weeks after launch), the price will be $14.99.

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About Shorebound Studios
Shorebound Studios is a small, Ohio-based independent game development studio devoted to creating entertaining games. Launched in 2011, Shorebound has released multiple games on Valve’s Steam distribution platform. Team members Ryan Berkani, Steve Mazzaro, and Keith Swanger share a love of gaming and game development, which pushes them to create the games that they would love to play. For more information about Shorebound Studios, please visit

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