Unstoppable – the physics-based survival horror game by Korean dev Funnylocks – is out now on Steam.

With all four chapters, new features and bug fixes, there has never been a better time to get stuck in a New York City skyscraper with a murderous horde.

The year is 1999. A mysterious gas is released inside a tower filled with office workers. All seems normal until each person breathes in the gas – causing them to forget who they are and who they love … leaving behind what makes them truly human. With nothing left, they go on a murderous rampage killing everyone in their path.

Launch Trailer:

Can You Stop the Unstoppable?

Fight off psychotic killers in close quarters with brutal, visceral combat – using both guns and melee weapons. Scavenge to stay alive as you expand your arsenal – managing resources and your own health and stamina. Use the three-quarter view to your advantage to evade or flank attackers.

Will you brave the dimly-lit corridors and attempt to solve the mystery … or die in the dark?

Key Features

  • Realistic Combat: Challenging, physics-based combat. Feel the weight of each blow as you dodge relentless attackers.
  • Shadowed World: Play a game of cat and mouse in the shadows. Stay cautious: The infected can hear your footsteps!
  • Finite Resources: Your weapons are limited, so use them wisely! Balance item durability against increasingly difficult enemies.
  • Episodic Story: Who unleashed gas into a seemingly innocuous office building? Unravel the conspiracy with each new chapter.
  • Berserk Mode: Strive to keep your humanity as the infection builds in your system. Stay sharp or join the infected!

The full version of Unstoppable (consisting of all four chapters) is available on Steam.

Learn more about Unstoppable and Funnylocks here.