After 6 years of updates on Steam Early Access, the chaotic creative tactics roguelite Aura of Worlds is getting a Switch port and receiving a full 1.0 release later this year!

Aura of Worlds demands sharp wit and precise reflexes in a game where improvisation and knowledge surpass stats. Should you just loot the cursed treasure chest (like it goads you to) or wield it as a weapon? Blink, bounce, grapple or fly across lava pits or just blow them up in a glorious spray of embers? In this game, crazy often works to your advantage.

A World of Possibilities

Created by Cognitive Forge – a small team based in Victoria, Australia – and featuring pixel-perfect visuals and an earworm-worthy chiptune soundtrack, Aura of Worlds will have you make your way through ever-changing death labyrinths – turning adversity into advantage. Escape flooding passages, outrun toxic pollen, and face off against gargantuan bosses. Do you go on defense with a spear and energy shield … or swing into the fray with a boomerang, grappling hook, and a grin? 

Key Features

  • Challenging Traps, Many Solutions: Throw an enemy into a laser field, blink through it – or blow up the conduit; put your creativity to the test!
  • Endless Levels: With 100+ unique enemies and traps and over 12 randomized level themes, you can navigate mine-filled tidal corridors, rising lava, carnivorous plants, and more.
  • One Object, Endless Possibilities: With multi-use objects, a humble lantern can be grabbed, carried for light, shot or thrown as a Molotov cocktail.
  • Wide Array of Skills: Grab, throw, hack, light, parkour, terraform, and warp time itself!
  • Gorgeous Pixel Art: Feast your eyes on stunning hand-crafted visuals from the talented Rex Smeal, Han Cheon, Danika Clark, Lauren Temos (T-Dog-eXtreme), Jessica T., and August Cartland.
  • Immersive Sound: Experience a memorable score and sound effects from the prolific Mat Dwyer and Amanda J. Lim.

Pricing & Availability

Aura of Worlds is available on Steam Early Access. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch and receive a full 1.0 release on Steam in Q2 2024.

Learn more about Aura of Worlds and Cognitive Forge here.