Valorware, the crafty indie studio founded by British dev Tom Au, is returning to the first game in the 9th Dawn saga with 9th Dawn Remake! 

A full reimagining of the original 9th Dawn title, 9th Dawn Remake is filled with surprising upgrades such as 2.5D graphics, a first-person mode – and even 2-player local co-op, allowing friends to play through the entire game together.

Teaser Trailer

More than a New Coat of Paint

Like the original title, 9th Dawn Remake is a truly massive open world RPG – where dedicated (and curious!) players can spend 200+ hours completing the main quest and side quests, collecting rare loot, and raising monster pets. Bursting at the seams with dungeon-crawling hijinks, 9th Dawn Remake lovingly riffs on the original 9th Dawn game – revamping the combat and streamlining quests to deliver a novel, exhilarating 9th Dawn experience.

9th Dawn Remake – New Features

  • New 2.5D graphics
  • Completely remade dungeons with bigger maps
  • Sprites cleaned and reworked with improved animation
  • Rewritten story and quests
  • Combat replaced with more fluid, action-based gameplay
  • First-person mode added
  • Two big mini-games included:
    • Fishing Survivors, a bullet-heaven fishing game 
    • Deck Rock, a deck-building card game

In the comedic fishing mini-game Fishing Survivors, the amount of fish players defeat directly affects the fishing yield – making for a fun time with the fishies. Fishing Survivors also features a number of different missions to complete that are locked behind overworld map exploration – along with a couple of extra worm warriors to unlock.

Players can also enjoy Deck Rock – a deck-building card mini-game that was inspired by Slay the Spire and Roguebook. Taking control of medieval paper champions, players are tasked with beating game dungeons using the maps found in the main campaign. This turn-based strategy game provides countless hours of fun while players unlock all cards, level up paper champions, and complete dungeons.

Key Features

  • Massive Open World: Explore more than 45 new hand-crafted dungeons – each brimming with deadly creatures and loot.
  • Design Your Build: Unlock spells and abilities, assign attribute points, and upgrade your equipment. 
  • Raise Monster Pets: Hatch friendly creatures from eggs and raise them into powerful allies. 
  • Side Quests: Aid the villages of Montelorne by partaking in a range of side quests.
  • Loot & Prizes: Collect a vast amount of loot and fill your collecting journals for rewards.
  • Craft the Best: Forge weapons, brew potions, and upgrade your weapons to become a champion! 
  • Fishing Survivors Mini-Game: Take control of powerful worm warriors and survive deadly waves of enemy fish.
  • Deck Rock Mini-Game: Collect maps, level up your card champions, and create an epic deck.


9th Dawn Remake will launch on Steam later this year. Pricing is yet to be determined.