JMJ Interactive launched Akihabara: Feel the Rhythm on iOS, Android, and Steam. The rhythm-based puzzle game was inspired by Tokyo’s famous Akihabara district, and it challenges users to clear symbols from the board in time to the rhythm of the music.

In each game, players are challenged to create groups of three-or-more matching symbols using rows of symbols that fall from the top of the screen. Players can change the falling symbols to match the symbols already on the board. As users play, a special Beat Marker line moves across the screen, and players can earn “Good” and “Perfect” score multiplier bonuses by changing symbols just as this line passes over a grid line on the board.

As users play, they can chain these “Good” and “Perfect” ratings to fill the game’s Super Charge meter and trigger the appearance of special Super Icons that can clear every symbol in a 3×3 grid.

In addition to completing ten regular levels in a campaign mode, gamers can play individual levels in a Single Track mode, or play in a Midnight Mix mode that contains five “mellow track remixes.” Users can also customize their experience by choosing one of three difficulty settings.

Akihabara: Feel the Rhythm is now available to download for $2.99 on iOS and Android, and for $6.99 on the Windows Store. The game can also be purchased for $5.94 on Steam, which is a 15 percent discount off the normal purchase price. This special launch promotion will last until February 1.

With the help of Novy Unlimited, Akihabara: Feel the Rhythm received coverage on a variety of websites, including TouchArcade and Pocket Gamer, among others.

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