Argus, a thirty-something wizard, is tired of young, angsty, self-centered teens who want to try to “save the world”. He doesn’t like dealing with them, yet in order to finally settle down into a boring, predictable life, of retirement he’s going to have to show them who’s boss.

In Zenith, developed by Infinigon and published by BadLand Games, is an action RPG that combines the feel of old-school RPGs with a splash of humor and parody. It’s up to you to help Argus put an end to spiky-haired, oversized sword wielding, buffoons that want to become the world saviors by gaining access to a ridiculously dangerous artifact. Explore the vast fantasy world of Zenith to equip the six essential elements, search for more than 100 glorious items, to aid the decrepit wizard in his restless quest. It’s time for you to engage in real-time battles, conquer dungeons, and solve challenging puzzle to demonstrate to simpleminded youngsters the true power of a real “hero.”


Coverage has appeared on Hardcore Gamer, GamePrep , OneAngryGamer, GameGrin, ONRPG, and GameSkinny.

Zenith is available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

More information on BadLand Games, Infinigon, and Zenith is available here.