This year may be over soon, but Springdale is still as busy as ever in YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble. The Holiday Season content is getting a running start with a new character (Camellia) — plus the all-new “Terror Time” special event map 🙂


Two new bosses are joining Score Attack mode: First, flower-borne Camellia makes her debut. Then, jet-black Orcanos — the huge horned champion of the oni — makes his appearance December 19-25. If you manage to defeat them, you’ll earn Christmas Coins that can be exchanged for Fruitnyan!


Looking for a challenge? Special Event map Terror Time is now available for the thrillseekers out there. Face oni Gargaros and his terrifying club across 3 difficulty levels: Terror Time, Super Terror Time, and Ultra Terror Time. Gargaros is known for sending Yo-kai running scared — so if you have trouble beating him, check out new Yo-kai Camellia who makes her debut in the Crank-a-Kai! Camellia has a special Soultimate Move with two types of simultaneous effects: attacking all enemies, and restoring her ally’s health points (HP). Once you befriend Camellia, this powerful Yo-kai can deal more damage and will help you eventually befriend Gargaros himself.

For more information on YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble, check out the Novy client page here!