Coming on the heels of Amazon’s Mobile Masters in Seattle, Wargaming celebrates the 4th anniversary of its wildly popular team-based MMO World of Tanks Blitz with a bombshell: 100 million downloads across all supported platforms!

A number of different factors have contributed to the game’s explosive growth:

  • A loyal, opinionated player community that’s always ready to offer feedback
  • Entering the Chinese market with a fully localized version
  • Inspired collaborations with well-known franchises
  • Participating in (and occasionally hosting!) epic tournaments worldwide – including this past weekend’s
  • Mobile Masters and Wargaming’s own Blitz Twister Cup

Originally released in North America on June 27, 2014, World of Tanks Blitz was featured in two major tournaments last year: Blitz Twister Cup in Minsk – an incredibly competitive double elimination tournament that took place in November – and Amazon’s Mobile Masters Invitational, hosted in Las Vegas last summer.

This past weekend, the 2018 edition of Mobile Masters was broadcast from Amazon’s own state-of-the-art streaming studio. Four teams representing North America, Europe, and CIS competed in the World of Tanks Blitz tournament – with North America’s Cry About It [PRAMO] taking the $10,000 prize.


Blitz Birthday Contest: #blitz4thewin

To mark the game’s 4th anniversary, Wargaming is kicking off a very special contest for the World of Tanks Blitz community starting today:


After winning a battle, players can perform and record their best victory move and share the video or photo with friends on social media for a chance to win a memorable ”Blitz 4 the win” birthday t-shirt!

Blitz the Win Shirt

On top of that, a generous set of rewards awaits anyone who enters the fray:

  • Special gift: M3 Light, BT-7 artillery, LTP, or 3 days of Premium Account
  • 5x experience for the first victories and enhanced crew training
  • Discounts for Premium Account, Legendary Camo, and permanent “premialization”
  • Rare “Premium Salute” camo

Community, China & Warhammer 40,000

Wargaming is lucky to have such a smart – and vocal – community. Thanks to player requests, Timers and Spare Parts were removed from the game. When the masses pushed for gloriously pink camouflage, developers were happy to oblige! By listening to the community’s requests – and implementing them – Wargaming has proven that the players are the game’s most valuable asset.

World of Tanks Blitz was introduced to Chinese gamers in December 2017 in a partnership with NetEase. With millions of World of Tanks fans already playing the original game on PC, a warm welcome to World of Tanks Blitz was almost assured. The addition of Chinese gamers to the player base was followed by the introduction of several Chinese tanks in Update 4.6 – released in January 2018.

The final piece of the puzzle was the fortuitous collaboration with Games Workshop, which culminated with the introduction of Warhammer 40,000-inspired tanks such as the Vindicator and Predator. Unveiled in “Macragge’s Thunder” – a special Halloween event – these Ultramarine-carrying behemoths make short work of lesser tanks … and they pack quite a punch! Tankers were also able to customize their vehicles with two unlockable color schemes: Dark Angels green and Imperial Fists yellow.

Available on the App Store, Google Play, Steam and the Windows Store, World of Tanks Blitz has been featured in a number of outlets – including, DualShockers, TouchArcade, Android Headlines, VentureBeat, and Daily Mail.

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