Partnering on Wizards & Wagons was a great adventure! Singapore’s Touch Dimensions began as a two-person passion project in a basement; after launching the successful mobile strategy game, Autumn Dynasty (and its expansion, Warlords), the team decided to go in a more “quirky” direction with Wizards & Wagons. This fantasy adventure tells the story of a legendary hero, who (facing homelessness and debt after defeating the nefarious Demon Lord) turns to trading in order to claw his way out of a deep financial hole. In addition to working with Touch Dimensions on both the iOS and Android launches, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to do some text edits/localization, help with the tagline (the subtitle of this post; we couldn’t resist!) and support the Pocket Gamer ad campaign. Available for mobile devices, Wizards & Wagons dazzles players with its clever focus on economic ecosystems and resource management.

Wizards & Wagons has been covered in TouchArcade, Indie Game Mag, Gaming Cypher, Big Red Barrel, Gamezebo, App Shopper, 148 Apps, Pocket Gamer, App Addict, Heavy, Game Revolution, and Gamasutra.

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