Bumpy Trail Games’ Without Escape, an unnerving point-and-click adventure game inspired by ‘90s classics Myst and The 7th Guest – has launched on Steam, itch.io, and the Windows Store! With complex puzzles and horrific, surreal environments, Without Escape takes players on an unforgettable journey from our “reality” straight down to a hellish plane of existence.

Woken up abruptly by a strange noise, you suddenly find yourself plunged into a new dimension of fear. Your home is seemingly no longer yours; you sense demonic forces stalking every corner as the walls grow fat with the festering secrets within. There is no escape from the waking nightmare – no matter how hard you try to break through the doors!

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, Without Escape has been featured in a number of outlets – including PixelPopNetwork, Confident Gamers, Recombu, Gaming Cypher, Hardcore Gamer, and One Angry Gamer.

Read more about Without Escape and Bumpy Trail Games here.