The delightful puzzle platformer Where’s Samantha? is now available on Steam! 

Published by ROKiT Games and developed by Bulgarian studio Respect Studios, Where’s Samantha? puts the spotlight on the boundless love between George and Samantha – soulmates cut from the same cloth.

Storybook Romance

Once upon a time, “The Tailor” created George and Samantha. It was love at first sight – a match made in heaven. Inseparable and bound by love, George and Samantha live happily ever after … until the day Samantha disappears. As the couple find themselves apart for the first time, George searches for Samantha across 45 levels filled with deadly hazards, bottomless pits, and ever more difficult puzzles …

To get past the toughest challenges, George realizes that he needs to work on himself. Literally. Through cloning, George can now flick that all important switch while the “original” strolls past a gate! Taller/heavier clones with a particular set of skills (and personalities) are the difference between getting stuck on a silly puzzle and living to tell the tale. However, all the cloning eventually becomes a huge problem – setting Samantha on a quest of her own …

Available worldwide on Steam for both Windows and Mac, Where’s Samantha? has been featured in a number of outlets – including Gaming Trend, Higher Plain Games, Indie Games Gong Show, The Gaming Ground, Digital Chumps, and GameSpace.

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