The devilishly difficult hardcore action platformer WarriOrb is available on Steam! Developed by Hungarian studio Not Yet and running on both Windows and Linux, WarriOrb invites players to take on the role of a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely host: a weaponized talking ball with agile limbs and a taste for violence.

In this Soulsborne-inspired jaunt where death is always just around the corner, players push forward to regain WarriOrb’s freedom – and its original demonic form. After all, we’re talking about the Spirit of the Unknown, forced into a pathetic ball body and blamed for the failure of a Very Important Summoning Spell – one that was supposed to bring the Wizard’s daughter back to life (but didn’t). Now it’s up to players to find another way to resurrect her and make things right!

Available on Steam (Windows and Linux),
WarriOrb has been featured in a number of outlets – including Happy Gamer, Flickering Myth, Kotaku (AU), Worth Playing, Operation Rainfall, and Blue’s News.

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