Novy enjoyed working with Russian developer Alexander Samarin of Exaltrix, who has a knack for creating compelling, deceptively simple gameplay. In addition to helping Alexander polish Totem Forge — an atmospheric puzzle game with high-end music and art — we were also fortunate to work directly on the sounds of in-game golems and totems (featuring the voice of beatbox vocalist and game developer Heatbox) and create a few trailers (with the help of “friend of Novy” M. Joshua Cauller).

In Totem Forge, players combine gems while preventing the game board from filling up completely. To add even more difficulty, golems will interfere with your matches, and gold pieces will block your way. But sneaky rock beasts and ancient nuggets are no match for a good fireball at your side. Totem Forge is quick to learn, but its challenge is as endless as its gameplay. It’s all about racking up the biggest score you can before you inevitably fail and dive right back in to try to beat your best performance.

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More information on Exaltrix and Totem Forge is available here.