The PSVR port of zombie rage game Throw Anything is now available on the PlayStation Store. This version is getting all of the content updates and fixes that have been made to the Steam VR release – including a more intuitive reward system, rebalanced difficulty, an item shop, a new level (Stage 6), and improved graphics!



Throw Anything rose to the top of the Steam charts in Asia and has also ranked in the top 3 of the Made With Unity Korea Awards 2018 in the “Best XR” category. 

Developer VisualLight has signed deals with VR arcade chains VR Junkies in the U.S. and Ctrl V in Canada. The PSVR version was recently featured at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show and BitSummit – along with other PlayStation festivals held in Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Sapporo.

Do whatever you can to defend yourself (and the occasional friendly NPC) as zombies clumsily attempt to scale your high-rise building … inching closer and closer to your room. Nail your salivating targets, and they might fall to their death several floors below – possibly even taking a few of their friends along for the ride. In Throw Anything, literally “anything” is destructible. No ammo? No problem! Destroy the furniture and use whatever parts you end up with as both offensive and defensive weapons. If worst comes to worst, it’s time to dispense with the pleasantries – and grab or toss the nearest NPC into harm’s way… Anything for a little extra time among the living, right?

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