Rank17 launched Super Pixel Smash on SteamVR! The Breakout-inspired arcade game challenges players to earn as many points as possible by smashing a Digital Energy Orb into destructible walls.

In each timed game of Super Pixel Smash, players must earn the required number of points in each level to move on to the next. Each level contains different wall panels and challenges.

As users play, they can trigger point multipliers, multiball bonuses, charged shots, and speed boosts. Players must also avoid the bouncing red balls and red bricks in the wall.

At the end of each game, players can track their high scores on the game’s leaderboards.

Super Pixel Smash is now available to download for $4.79 on SteamVR – a 40 percent discount off the normal price of $7.99. This special launch promotion will end on January 31. Super Pixel Smash requires an HTC Vive VR headset to play.

With help from Novy Unlimited, Super Pixel Smash has been covered by a number of outlets, including VRFocus and Game Chronicles, among others.

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