The third-person RPG Starlight Alliance is now available simultaneously on Steam and Nintendo Switch! Created by Bernhard Politsch of origamihero games and featuring frantic “bullet hell” style action, Starlight Alliance tells an endearing, haunting story about a future Earth enshrouded in darkness – and how far two very different individuals will go to make things right.

Welcome to the future – where everything is automated, recycling is at 99.9% efficiency, and Earth is at its peak. Humans and aliens now live side-by-side in sky cities far above the planet’s inhospitable surface. It all could have been perfect … but it wasn’t meant to last. Mysteriously, the automated systems started to fail, the drone networks began to act – and nobody knows quite why. Two strangers, Lea and Cyris, each experience these system failures in two different ways and find themselves brought together by unforeseen circumstances. As a team, they’ll soon uncover terrible secrets on the Earth’s surface and find a chance at salvation … somewhere in the cold grasp of space!

Choose Wisely

Opt to shoot your troubles away … or punch them! You can avoid bullets by repelling them with the shield system– or just, you know, punch a bot really hard in the face. Whatever works, right? But don’t think that combat can solve everything. Quite the opposite, actually: Getting through forsaken alien cities or Earth’s wasteland will require some thinking, crafting, and exploration. Consider your choices carefully – and you just might live to see the end of the story.

Starlight Alliance is available worldwide on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Read more about Starlight Alliance and origamihero games here.