From the creative mind of solo Australian developer Dave Bleja comes Spryke — a challenging platformer that features an adorable cyberfish. Spryke is a hybrid of two species — one from under the surface of the deep seas of the planet Kespuron, and the other from the cities far above the water.

You’ll need quick reactions to help the fish-like Spryke find her way through the waterless chambers above the surface in search of truth and validation. Sprint, glide, and fly through the dry, dangerous world above the safe waters of her home — avoiding strange creatures and obstacles along the way. Do you have what it takes to speedrun your way through this hardcore 2D platforming adventure?

Coverage is available on Hardcore Gamer, GamersHell, iDigitalTimes, GamingCypher, Inside Indie and Game Refraction.

Spryke has been Greenlit on Steam!

More information on Volnaiskra and Spryke can be found here.