Published by DreadXP and developed by BEESWAX Games, SPOOKWARE is launching today on Steam – Episode 1, that is! Get ready to solve a murder mystery on a cruise ship, file your taxes (the horror!) … or start a high school band just to skip out of class in this cheerful collection of the quirkiest, spookiest microgames ever.

Launch trailer:


Spooky Puns Abound

Sure, we’ve all heard about living life to its fullest … but what about death?! In SPOOKWARE, join three skelebros (Lefti, Midi, and Righti) on a grand road trip – and play hundreds of handcrafted, fast-paced, horror-inspired microgames along the way. Each episode includes three chapters with their own areas, microgames, mechanics, and stories. Challenge yourself with a wide collection of blazing fast microgames built around horror tropes – more than 60 in the first episode alone. Each microgame takes only a few seconds – so be sure to use your wits to survive the onslaught of wildly different, blood-curdling experiences.

However, this isn’t JUST a bunch of microgames mushed together. Blending arcade-style microgame medleys with classic adventure games, each microgame is carefully interwoven within the story. And every area features completely new gameplay mechanics to test your microgame skills – going as far as changing up control schemes!


The first episode of SPOOKWARE is available on Steam for Windows, and has been featured in a number of outlets – including Destructoid, Rock Paper Shotgun, Bloody Disgusting!, TheGamer, Indie Games Plus, and Alpha Beta Gamer.

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