Publisher Deck13 and developer Klonk Games launched Shift Happens – a puzzle platformer built especially for two players that challenges users to guide Bismo and Plom, two jelly blob creatures, through more than 40 challenging stages.

In Shift Happens, Bismo and Plom were joined together in a freak accident. The creatures can now exchange their size and skills at will, and players will need to use this ability to complete puzzles and overcome traps across four unique worlds: a laboratory, forest, canyon, and cave.

Shift Happens supports both local and online cooperative multiplayer. While playing, users can “shift,” making the the larger blob smaller, and the smaller blob larger. The larger blob can throw the smaller blob across gaps, push crates, and more, while the smaller blob can jump higher and farther, move under small barriers, and so on. Even though players need to work together to complete stages, friendly rivalries are also allowed, as users can cause each other to die.

In addition to multiplayer levels, Shift Happens also offers 30 separate single-player stages designed specifically for solo players.

Shift Happens has been covered by a number of outlets – including IGN, Dual Shockers,, Bleeding Cool, and TrueAchievements.

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