Indie stealth RPG Shadowy Contracts is now available on Steam Early Access! Created by Canadian developer Mark Nasr of ExiledThunder Productions, Shadowy Contracts was inspired by sword-and-sorcery movies, the Dark Ages, and classic stealth games from the late ‘90s. This solo effort manages to feature sharp graphics, extensive character customization – and even a large open world for players to explore.


Kill List: The Story So Far

In Shadowy Contracts, King Arthur ascends the throne in a world hurting from violence, poverty, and hardship. Not willing to sit and wait while things get better, our protagonist joins an assassin organization – coming to grips with an unexpected magical heritage in the process…

Shadowy Contracts has a straightforward premise: Take on contracts and eliminate targets for gold … or die trying! Furthermore – and in keeping with RPG standards – gold can be used to purchase weapons, armor, and effects/enchants. At the start of Early Access, 52 weapons, 38 armor sets, and 21 weapon effects/enchants will be available – with more to come in the near future. Successful assassins can also use their revenue streams to hire and lead mercenaries into battle – raising the stakes in a big way.

Shadowy Contracts is available on Steam (Windows). The game has been featured in a number of outlets – including Gaming Lyfe, Gaming Trend, Mobile Syrup, Pixel Pop Network, On RPG, and IGN.

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