Developer Znavit Games and international conservation charity World Land Trust (WLT) are about to cast gaming in a whole new light with SEEDS: The Magic Garden – an upcoming puzzler that tasks players with rescuing and growing magical plants.

The twist: Players who manage to complete the game will have a real tree planted on their behalf!

In the magical world of SEEDS, join friendly beetle-cat Arni on a quest to save nearly-extinct plants by matching different colored stones. Use a variety of boosters and create “root paths” to help grow 30 extinct plants – but watch out for toxins, explosions, and other hazards! If you complete the game, you’ll not only be saving a tree – but you’ll also receive a certificate that can be saved to your device and shared on Facebook!

seeds blog pic

Coming soon to iOS and Android devices, SEEDS: The Magic Garden has been featured in a number of outlets – including Hardcore Gamer, Christ Centered Gamer, Geek Nifty, Gaming Cypher, Dark Zero and Sub-Cultered.

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