Appy was chosen one of the Top 10 Mobile Developers to Watch in 2012 by Pocket Gamer! This awesome bit of news follows the two Best App Ever awards won by SpellCraft earlier this year. 2012 promises to be epic for the Appy Combine 🙂


“US outfit Appy has been around almost as long as the App Store. Spun out by veterans of the console scene, it quickly found scale with its FaceFighter franchise. Subsequent games were interesting but didn’t have the same mass market appeal, at least until the company’s first proper free-to-play release SpellCraft.

It’s certainly not perfect, but it is different to the typical Ville-style games, providing a deeper design mentality, as well as quality of presentation. This, combined with a push into Android and the company’s previous game experience, leads us to expect good things in 2012.”

One of the spells in SpellCraft

Follow this link to read the whole piece.

Liquid Entertainment’s founder and president, Ed Del Castillo, was featured in Gamasutra with a new post filled with valuable productivity tips, [Productivity] Tips & Tricks from a Game Developer. Ed figured out a way to keep projects, the studio itself and personal life on track with select techniques and mobile apps, most of them free (!)


“There are times that you need to write and write fast. I’m a decent speed iPhone typist and I now take notes on my phone. Draftpad is the simplest, easiest to use note-taking app ever created. I think the thing that turns people off to Draftpad is that there is only one page, but that is its biggest strength.”

Visit Gamasutra to read Ed’s post and don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

Indie developer Woo Games has announced its new multiplayer-focused Android shooter, ErnCon. The game has been available as a beta in the Android Market for a couple days now. ErnCon was downloaded by thousands of Android users and it currently has almost a thousand installs, pretty impressive for a game designed/programmed/tested by a single developer 🙂

Here’s the trailer:

If you stumble on any bugs (it’s an open beta after all) make sure to send your feedback to

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