VR-focused developer and publisher Rank17 announced its lineup of titles for 2017, which will offer a variety of experiences to players.

First in the lineup is Super Pixel Smash, a retro arcade title that will see players use pixelated paddles to hit an orb toward colorful squares in the distance. In each timed game, users will be able to trigger point combos and multi-ball bonuses, as well as activate charged shots, on their quest to earn a high score. However, it’s not all light-hearted fun, as users will need to avoid the evil “death panels” that can end the game. Super Pixel Smash will launch on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this month.

Next, Mighty Monster Mayhem will allow users to play as one of four giant monsters—Carl Cthulhu, Demon Dave, Gorzilla Greg and Randy Rockford—on a quest to destroy the game’s fully destructible cities. Users will be able to play alone or with friends in both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Third in the lineup is Planetary Punchout (working title), which will place players in the role of an unwilling participant in the Intergalactic Boxing Federation. Users will face off against a variety of alien foes, with each alien race having a different fighting style. Players will need to defeat them all if they want to stay alive.

Rounding out the lineup is Sniper (working title), which will offer VR fans a first-person shooter experience.

With help from Novy Unlimited, Rank17’s titles have received coverage on a number of websites, such as VRFocus and WWG.

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