Novy Unlimited had the unique pleasure of staffing two different booths at PAX West 2023! Our team helped sell merchandise and run contests, mini-games, and photo ops for both Brace Yourself Games and Innersloth. We also demoed five different Brace Yourself Games titles, including Crypt of the NecroDancer, Rift of the NecroDancer, Phantom Brigade, Cobalt Core (Rocket Rat Games), and Super Raft Boat Together (Shattered Journal Games). With lines wrapping around the corners and excited shouts coming from the contest winners, both booths brought joy to hundreds of visitors. Everyone, from PAX attendees to devs, had an incredible time in the Emerald City.

Alex Moshofsky

As a PAX initiate, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from being a booth/game helper all weekend. My back hurt and my feet were sore – but everything else was awesome! I got to feed on everyone’s excited energy, match it, and have a fantastic time as hundreds and hundreds of folks came through to try out new games. My favorite part was seeing a handful of dedicated people come through over and over again – trying to win our Rift of the NecroDancer contest. The determination and excitement was palpable and infectious. I found myself rooting these players on and joining in the thrill when one would finally win. Our whole team was great to work with, fun to hang out with after the show, and I appreciate the opportunity from Novy to experience it all. I would definitely do it again.

Alex Perry

As usual, PAX West was an amazing time this year. Everyone seemed to be in such high spirits, and the crowd was always lively. Hanging out with the Novy team always makes the journey even more amazing!

Cecile Brule 

Working PAX with Novy Unlimited, Brace Yourself Games, and Slightly Sweet is always pure joy. Selling merchandise gives me the chance to both geek out with die-hard Crypt of the NecroDancer fans and introduce new players to the games. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve witnessed a player show off fanart or pull on their brand-new Ugly Cryptmas Sweater. It’s also a source of true professional pride to work with Novy, which has event planning down to a science and always hires incredibly fun, talented, passionate people. I couldn’t ask for better coworkers or friends. Here’s to many more PAXes together! 

David Blow

PAX West 2023 marks my first-time attending PAX – and it was a fantastic time that far exceeded my expectations. Being able to work with Novy and BYG has been one of the highlights of my year. It was a pleasure to work with such like-minded individuals – all who brought their own personalities and experiences to the plate. The BYG booth had an exceptional layout, making interacting with the players and my colleagues easy – a network of creativity I could only dream of as a kid. Being surrounded by new friends and an environment filled with my biggest passions made time fly even while working hard. It was almost surreal. I can’t thank Novy enough for giving me the opportunity to attend. This event will be something I’ll always look back fondly on. I hope to see it all again and more next year! 

Eileen Cruz

My experience in working with Novy Unlimited and the Innersloth team at PAX West 2023 was all-around delightful. Meeting and engaging with so many Among Us fans was satisfying. I enjoyed ensuring that their PAX experience was safe, smooth, and fun. Novy’s communication and preparation were on point, as always – and our booth teams had the resources and support needed to be on top of their game and to pivot as needed. Jeannie and Luis are great at picking professional, bright, talented, and fun-loving people to join their booth teams. Everyone worked together to keep all the moving parts running smoothly, which made for a stellar PAX West!

Jeffrey Van Allen

As usual, my experience at PAX West was an absolute delight. Getting to run the insanely popular Among Us card swipe machine allowed me to interact with an enormous number of gamers and fans and see first-hand the joy and love our community shares. I love the opportunity to be on the ground floor of gaming showcases promoting exciting Novy clients and independent developers. I can’t wait to return next year and hope to see everyone at PAX East!

Jill Bacola

Working with Novy at PAX 2023 was so much fun – and one of the most unique work experiences I’ve had. I’m brand new to the Novy team, and everyone made me feel welcome – answering all my questions about the work so that I felt more than prepared for Day 1 in the booth. Novy’s BYG team has booth organization and operation down to a science; it was a breeze being dropped into such a well-oiled machine. Overall, it was a fantastic experience – and I can’t wait for the next one!

Josh Brader

What is there to say about an event that went so smoothly? All the games we demoed got really good feedback from just about everyone who played – who all left smiling. Rift of the NecroDancer really had a tremendous amount of buzz. People who cheerfully announced that they’re terrible at rhythm games still really obviously enjoyed themselves playing it. The music especially seemed to really get a hold on people and some got very animated while playing. A number of people spent the majority of their time at the show just playing Rift over and over again. The high score challenge was a really brilliant idea that not only kept people coming back but also gave the folks waiting in line and just hanging around watching their friends have something to get excited about. The Novy team honestly couldn’t be better. At some point on Day One, the convention center air conditioning stopped working for a while – and it got pretty seriously hot. Even then, the overall positivity and energy level stayed high – and everyone on the team looked like they were having fun. It was the exact amount of fun and professionalism you want for that type of gig. I would be happy to work with all of them every day.

Nate Sullivan

This was my first year working at an event with the Novy team, and I honestly can’t wait to do it again! The excitement from the fans at the Innersloth booth was enough to make the day fly by – and the team I got to work with was always ready to help in any way they could. Novy founders Jeannie and Luis came by a few times each day to chat and make sure we all had everything we needed; they did a great job assembling a fun, energetic team that was alway on the ball with planning and friendly to all the fans that stopped to chat.

Rae Kumar

As usual, Novy Unlimited has been an absolute joy to work for. They’ve succeeded in blending a fun, vibrant, and upbeat team with the professionalism and dedication of gaming industry veterans to create an awesome work environment. Once again, PAX was an amazing work opportunity that I will never forget – and to know that there are companies out there who recognize experience and creativity when they see it builds my confidence for the future of the video game marketing industry and the gaming industry itself. The team is always passionate and positive about what they do, and it further convinces me that Novy knows how to recruit the best. I truly hope I’ll be able to work with them again in the future.

Ryan Clark

This was not just my first time back to PAX West in a decade, but also my first time working at PAX – and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I joined the booth team at the last minute – and everyone at Novy, Innersloth, and Brace Yourself immediately made me feel at home. I’ve always been interested in seeing what it’s like to be on the other side of a convention booth – and my expectations were not just met, but exceeded. Everyone we saw at the booth was happy to be there, to try out games, and share their feedback and excitement over what we had to show. On top of working with all the amazing folks at the booth, I also got to spend some time with the developers at Rocket Rat Games – passing along impressions and feedback from attendees for their upcoming game, Cobalt Core. It was really fulfilling to be even a small part of their development cycle, and I hope their launch matches the positive energy I felt at the booth! I can’t thank Novy enough for having me; it was such a treat to work with everyone and help make PAX West 2023 a great show!

Steven Kasparek

Working with the Novy events team is always a fantastic experience, so I unsurprisingly loved PAX West 2023. We were fortunate enough to work with two amazing booths (Brace Yourself Games and Innersloth) – and our teams worked hard to showcase their games and wonderful merch! The split design of the venue this year seemed to motivate attendees to stay a bit longer at each booth and even make multiple visits, which in turn gave us a chance to know them better and cheer them on. Overall, the hard work felt easy due to everyone enjoying what they do so well – and it made for a memorably fun event. As always, I’m already looking forward to the next!

Tara Taylor

Working PAX West with the Novy team was another amazing experience. I’ve been working with the team for about 5 years now – and I have seen how much the company has expanded and the loyalty they have to their employees. There have been promotions and more members added each year – and the bonds between every person are like no other workplace I have been in. I am proud to be part of this team with the amazing opportunities they have to offer. The Novy team is always dedicated to making the best experience for everyone. I see a bright future for them and am thrilled to be a part of it.