Orange Moon – a stylish 2D action-platformer with RPG mechanics and puzzle-solving – has successfully exited Steam Early Access!

Face deadly environmental hazards and aggressive, ill-tempered lifeforms as you explore a haunting, surreal 2D alien world brought to life by indie dev Betelgeuse Zero.

Published by M4, Orange Moon’s monochromatic environments are filled to the brim with acid swamps, deep craters, and toxic clouds. You must take on raiders, biomechanoids, and carnivorous plants to forge ahead on your quest for ancient artifacts. This may seem like an impossible task, but you’ll have the proper tools at your disposal: Tons of weapons and equipment are available if you know where to look – including upgradeable machine guns, flamethrowers, and hand cannons!

Each enemy type is vulnerable to particular ammunition, so choose your weapon loadout wisely: Good judgement and fast fingers offer the best chance of survival against the game’s formidable bosses …

Available on Windows and Mac, Orange Moon has been featured in a number of outlets – including Geek Nifty, Gaming Bad, Gaming Cypher, The Geekiary, Invision Community, and Hardcore Gamer.

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