Imagine getting unfairly fired from a job after decades of faithful service. The bigwigs up in corporate gave you no notice and just fired you right on the spot. What do you do?

In Hollow Robot’s Office Freakout, play as disgruntled office worker Philbert and unleash a tornado of destruction — fighting your way through more than two dozen cubicles, offices, server rooms on your path to the boss’ office (including robot security guards) in order to build your rage meter. The more objects you obliterate, the more you’ll increase your rank and unlock more tools of destruction — such as the Grabbity Gun that lets you fling anything in sight! Even though you’re out of a job, this doesn’t mean you’re off the clock. Be efficiently destructive, since you only have a limited amount of time to conquer each room.

Coverage for Office Freakout has appeared in GameSpot, The Annoying Orange, SkyVSGaming, Saving Content, and OneUpGaming.

Unleash the Kraken on Steam 🙂

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