Turn-based strategy game Numantia is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. One of the least known and most significant conflicts in history – the Numantine War – can now be experienced for the first time in gaming! Developed by RECOtechnology, Numantia portrays one of the greatest military confrontations of all time with two full single-player campaigns and gripping 1v1 PvP matches:

Story & Gameplay
After a series of humiliating defeats over a 20-year war, Rome has decided to send in its best general – Scipio Aemilianus – to put an end to Numantia’s rebellion. With rigorous training and unmatched strategy, Scipio and his elite army gear up for the final battle – which became known as the legendary Siege of Numantia. Now, the Numantians must face their most fearsome enemy yet – and it’s up to you (playing as the brave Celtiberian tribe of Numantia or the mighty Republican army of Rome) to experience historical events from a whole new perspective.

Play through 20 years of conflict in a narrative-driven single-player campaign set in the Iberian Peninsula during the Roman Republic era – or challenge a friend in an offline one-on-one battle. Engage in intense tactical combat as you lead an army of 30 units (including long-range slingers and powerful war heroes) to crush your opponent and secure victory.

Numantia features a robust choice-based event system. The decisions you make can benefit or (if you’re not careful) inadvertently hurt your own army. Will you go on the offensive and engage in endless skirmishes … or will you wait for the right time to strike at the heart of the enemy? Take command, plot a winning strategy, and immerse yourself in historical events that shaped the course of European history in Numantia.

Numantia was accepted by ICEX (España Exportación e Inversiones) as the entity’s first Spanish-made game to receive PR and marketing support in the United States from Novy Unlimited.
Available on Windows (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One, Numantia has been featured in a number of outlets – including One Angry Gamer, TrueAchievements, DualShockers, Hardcore Gamer, and Flickering Myth.

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