“We’re baaaack!” Here’s the Summer 2014 issue of Novy News. Enjoy 🙂


* New Services . . . and a Newer Look! – We shine a spotlight on web site updates and our expanded marketing and product development consulting services.

* Projects: We brag about several client launches and campaigns:
– InSomnia
– Warfare Nations
– Ekon the Cyborg
– Ascent: The Space Game
– The Breakout
– Pixel Press Floors

* “Show Floor Sprint: Go!” – We get a little giddy about our one-day race through E3 halls and back-to-back meetings!

* Reality Check: We show off our blog — including a two-part series about indie mobile game PR from AppsZoom (featuring an interview with Luis Levy) and a new installment of Drew Utterback’s marketing series

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