Fall is upon us . . . sort of — so here’s another long-awaited installment of Novy News! Enjoy 🙂


We’re Making Changes! – We provide an update on our continued transformation and growth . . . including new clients and services; team members Jackie Simmons, Julie Morley, and Kyle Gaddo; and interns Jessey Nettey, Marcos Montanez, and Stephen Vulpitta. We also acknowledge “Friends of Novy” Emmy Jonassen, Pete Markiewicz,  Adam Godoi and Tamara Olson — and announce cool news from Novy team members Cat Wendt and Blane Humphries. For the first time, we also reveal our new Novy Games division — featuring Jeannie Novak, Jennie Wadsworth, Cat Wendt, Brandon Page, Kyle Bolton, and Brian Hoard.

Bursting with Pride – We brag about several client launches and campaigns:

  • Sproggiwood
  • Caves of Qud
  • Nova Blitz
  • Overfall
  • Templar Battleforce
  • Bob Was Hungry
  • Bow Hunter 2015
  • M4 Tank Brigade
  • WarBirds 2016
  • Alien Robot Monsters
  • Moon Tower Attack
  • Judgment
  • Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat
  • ShellShock Live
  • Regicide: Tale of the Forgotten Thief
  • AGRAV: Inertial Orbit
  • Voxel Blast
  • ToyQuest: The Lost & Found
  • Jack Nimble: Attack of the Boredom Bugs
  • Zems Online Card Game

Team Trenches– We share the Novy team’s experiences and impressions of E3 2015, along with Indy PopCon thoughts from Jessey Netty . . . and Blane Humphries’ report from MomoCon, International Roguelike Developers Conference (IRDC), and Dragon Con. (SIEGE coming soon!)

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