Vidroid’s funky puzzle game Molecats is now on Steam as a full release!



The (Mole) Cat’s Pajamas!
Your job is to help the aforementioned Molecats secure ever-important foodstuffs (‘shrooms) and loot (relics). Guide them through dangerous underground tunnels by twisting and turning tiles – indirectly controlling where and how your crew tackles each challenge. Ruthless monsters and traps are lurking around every corner: Take your time and plan each move carefully to keep those Molecats smiling. Of course, finding the exit with both goodies and limbs intact is great – but stay on the lookout for achievements, secondary goals, unlockables, secret levels, and more. You never know what you’ll dig up

This adorable, tough-as-nails game about a ragtag crew of mole/cat hybrids has won several awards – thanks to its intricate visual design, innovative gameplay, and lovable characters.

  • Indie Prize Showcase USA 2018 – Best Game Design Award
  • Indie Prize Showcase USA 2018 – Most Innovative Game Award
  • Digital Dragons 2018 – Rookie of the Year Award
  • GTP Indie Cup 2018 – Best Art Award
  • Indie Prize Showcase Europe 2018 – Best Children’s Game Nomination

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, Molecats has been featured in a number of outlets – including Flickering Myth, GamingOnLinux, The Geekiary, Gaming Cypher, GeekNifty, and Geeky Hobbies.