The election may be in the rear-view mirror — but the campaign trail lives on in Megalo Polis. Playing as one of the game’s presidential candidates, your job is to jump head first into the “silly season” and persuade one district at a time in this political strategy sim from French developer Black Sheep Studio.

Choose between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz — and each candidate has a custom set of strengths and weaknesses that you’ll exploit as you travel across the country convincing voters that you’re the best. It’s a fast-paced, frantic title that takes the phrase “political race” literally and will have you scrambling to snatch up every vote you can before citizens head to the polls.

The Megalo Polis campaign trail has been marked with coverage on Hardcore Gamer, Inside Indie, and  PCGamesN.

Relive Election 2016 on Steam — if you dare!

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