MARVEL Puzzle Quest (MPQ) – published by D3 Go! and developed by Demiurge Studios – is celebrating its eight-year anniversary! A new character, a trivia and giveaway-filled anniversary livestream on Marvel’s official Twitch channel on October 7, and an Anniversary PvP Season from October 7 – October 17 that includes a new PvP event on October 12 are in the cards as a “thank you” to the community – and to celebrate MARVEL Puzzle Quests legacy in a big way.

Happy Anniversary, MARVEL Puzzle Quest

Turning eight is a major milestone for any game – and the MARVEL Puzzle Quest team is planning on making it extra special with an epic “Let’s Play” Livestream on Marvel’s Twitch channel on October 7! During the stream, the team will join Marvel and take a look back at the previous eight years of MPQ and also dive into what is coming up for the game. It will be 90 minutes filled with fun and special giveaways that every Marvel fan will surely not want to miss!

Blob (Modern) – The 8
th Year Anniversary Character

If you were hoping for a new anniversary character in MARVEL Puzzle Quest, hold on to your hat! This year’s newest addition is none other than Blob (Modern) – a former circus performer who defected to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He’s a big, lovable guy with a jovial spirit… until he gets angry, that is. Once engaged in combat, Blob is the ultimate tank – with strong, durable skin and control over his own flesh, allowing him to absorb just about anything. For a big guy, he sure is agile, too! But Blob actually has a soft side: It turns out that he’s an avid collector of poetry. Who would have thought? With a complex personality and pure muscle, Blob (4-star character) is the perfect addition to any serious MPQ roster this anniversary season.

A New Anniversary Season

On October 7, players will be able to add MARVEL Puzzle Quest’s newest Anniversary character, Blob, to their roster – then jump right into PvP events throughout the season, including limited release anniversary characters Devil Dinosaur and Taskmaster. The PvP season will also feature events for Blob, and the new PvP event – featuring Peggy Carter (Captain America) and The Hydra Stomper (Steve Rogers). A return of the popular “Deadpool’s Nightly Games” event will also be back with a special challenge each day starting on October 7.

Available for free on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Steam, MPQ has been featured in a number of outlets – including Pocket Gamer, Bleeding Cool, Game Industry News, Fangirl Nation, COMICON, and Hardcore Gamers United.

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