My Dog Zorro launched Linelight on Steam and PS4. The minimalist puzzle game challenges players to complete 300 levels across six worlds made entirely of lines.

In Linelight, players control a special line named Dash, and they must activate color-coded switches in each stage to create a path for Dash to reach the next area. Users must also prevent Dash from touching moving red lines.

Levels in Linelight becomes more complex over time, with the introduction of new puzzle elements that increase the challenge. Users can also collect stars and discover secret pathways as they progress.

With help from Novy Unlimited, Linelight has received coverage on numerous websites, including PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and GameSpot, among others.

Linelight has a retail price of $9.99 on Steam and PlayStation 4. Players can purchase the game on Steam for a discounted price of $8.99 until February 7. Elsewhere, PlayStation Plus subscribers can purchase the game for $7.99 during launch week — a 20 percent discount off the original price.

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