Lead Money Games released Lil Tanks on Steam. The retro shoot ‘em up title challenges players to use a tank to defeat an alien army known as the Cuur, which has started terraforming the Earth.

In Lil Tanks, players will face off against more than 20 different enemy types, including laser turrets, aircraft, mechs, and bosses. During battle, players are joined by an indestructible companion tank, which can operate on its own, or be controlled by a friend in local co-op. In addition, gamers can collect power-ups as they play, and they will level up as they defeat enemies. As players level up, they can customize their tank, equipping permanent upgrades like a shield and better weapons.

Lil Tanks allows players to test their skills in four different gameplay modes. A Campaign mode lets users experience the game’s story and save humanity from the Cuur, while a Hardcore mode can be unlocked by collecting medals during the campaign. Each medal offers a different challenge that makes the game harder. Next, an Endless mode allows gamers to see how long they can survive against the Cuur, and finally, a Boss Training mode lets users test different strategies against the game’s bosses.

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