Lifty! – a high-stakes take on humankind’s love-hate relationship with elevators – has launched on the App Store and Google Play. Featuring relatable characters, frantic gameplay and a healthy dose of humor, this vertically challenging mobile game is bound to make an impression on anyone who’s ever had to wait “centuries” for an elevator to arrive!

In Lifty! (developed by indie studio Major Frank), your mission is simple: Climb the tower by delivering all passengers to their respective color-coded floors on time … or they’ll EXPLODE! To make things even more fun, all sorts of outrageous elevators with distinct attributes can be unlocked – including a hamburger, safe, telephone booth, and more. Several power-ups are available as well – allowing players to swap platform colors, secure extra lives, and even help speed things up with lightning bolts.

Available on iOS and Android, Lifty! has been featured in a number of outlets – including TouchArcade, Flickering Myth, Touch Tap Play, Gaming Cypher, Level Winner, and Gaming on Batteries.

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