On track for release later this year, psychedelic brawler Kung Fu Jesus has debuted a brand-new trailer/music video produced by Celestial Gold Studios’ Craig Snape – who’s also a career musician.

Open Your Eyes

A story-driven RPG beat ’em up with unlockable combos, special abilities, and three interlocking story paths – described by Rock, Paper, Shotgun as “Streets of Rage on mescaline” – Kung Fu Jesus invites players to tag along as a madman deals with his deteriorating mental state the best way he can.

Enter the mind of a schizophrenic who soon finds that his reality is everything he has imagined and more – from David Icke, the Bible and Carlos Castaneda to John Carpenter’s They Live. In Kung Fu Jesus, what we once thought was conspiracy, myth, and legend has been made real by our deepest fears.

Available on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year, Kung Fu Jesus has been featured in a number of outlets – including Flickering Myth, N4G, Eurogamer, TheGamer, The Geekiary, and Operation Rainfall.

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