Polish developer Michał Brzozowski of Electric Succubi has announced the arrival of an ‘Alpha 30’ content update for long-running roguelike KeeperRL. Known for masterfully merging roguelike, base-building, and strategy RPG gameplay mechanics, KeeperRL features procedurally generated maps, detailed combat simulation with direct control of units, and the ability to share your dungeons online for other players to beat.

Consisting of a huge number of features and fixes, the Alpha 30 update introduces the new playable Gnomes faction, which excels at crafting mechanical contraptions that will allow players to dominate in dungeons and on battlefields!

Perfectly suited for fans of Rimworld, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, Electric Succubi’s KeeperRL is an ambitious dungeon simulator with roguelike and RPG elements. Take on the role of an evil wizard to study black magic – equipping minions and exploiting everything around you. Murder innocent villagers, burn their homes … anything goes. You can also build up your dungeon and lay traps to defend against angry heroes headed your way! There’s always something to do in KeeperRL – whether you control minions (in which the game becomes a classic roguelike with turn-based, tactical combat) or an adventurer (when the goal is to assault dungeons made by yourself or other players).

Available on Steam Early Access, itch.io, and the Humble Store (Windows, Mac, and Linux), KeeperRL has been featured in a number of outlets – including Bleeding Cool, GamingOnLinux, HappyGamer, Pixel Pop Network, FULLSYNC, and Linux Game News.

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