The unconventional runner Joe Jump: Impossible Quest is launching today on the App Store and Google Play. Created by Spanish studio BlueFXGames, Joe Jump presents players with a fixed number of levels filled with handcrafted hazards and some truly devious platforming 🙂

Quickly toss hatchets to chop down the wooden obstacles in your path. Keep on running and jumping along the way for the chance to discover special hidden levels. Help Joe avoid spikes, thorns, and other obstacles on his quest to reach a distant castle – but don’t blink: One false tap will send you back to the start!

Joe Jump is not an endless runner; instead, the game was carefully designed to better balance both fun and difficulty. In each level, you must react quickly to obstacles – throwing axes to clear them or leaving them alone to use as platforms. The ultimate goal is straightforward: Locate the castle – which appears in the final (hidden) level. To get there, you’ll need to complete every single level in the game. This takes a tremendous amount of skill – truly an “impossible quest”! Those who are successful will be rewarded with the game’s true ending.

Available on iOS and Android, Joe Jump has been featured in a number of outlets – including, Gaming Cypher, Christ Centered Gamer, and Invision Community. Read more about Joe Jump and BlueFXGames here.