We’re always excited about new and improved ways to help game developers do what they do best. That’s why collaborating with UK developer Heroic Labs on the launch of its ‘Shared Storage’ feature and partnership with UpDownLeftRight was a perfect fit.

Shared Storage’ is a specialized, scalable, cloud-based datastore used to share and query content between players. Inspired by Apache’s free, open-source information retrieval software library (Lucene), its flexible query language simplifies complex conditions such as filters and rules into easily expressed database queries. Heroic Labs’ ‘Shared Storage’ feature makes it easy for developers to leverage user-generated content such as maps and armies — and effortlessly add advanced social features such as guilds and tournaments to their titles.

Heroic Labs also entered into a partnership with UpDownLeftRight (UDLR) to radically change the way kids play (and pay) for in-game content. The integration of Heroic Labs’ cross-platform APIs with UDLR’s advanced wearable activity trackers will lead the charge toward a more active, healthy future for gamers everywhere.

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‘Shared Storage’ and the UDLR partnership have been covered in ProgrammableWeb, Invision Community, StreetInsider, Forward Geek, The Tech Addicts, and Gamasutra.

Read more about Heroic Labs, ‘Shared Storage,’ and UpDownLeftRight here.dxn_geon_ornament4_4