The 3D platformer Heart Chain Kitty is now available on the Nintendo Switch! Created by solo developer Bernhard Politsch of origamihero games, Heart Chain Kitty follows in the footsteps of platforming greats Super Mario Sunshine and Banjo-Kazooie to deliver an exciting, endearing narrative filled to the brim with old-school challenge and charming, memorable characters.

In Heart Chain Kitty, players will find 40 surreal levels containing secrets and unique power-ups – such as the aptly-named Power Glove, Hat Glide, and Screw Ray (which can loosen and tighten screws and bolts found around the world). Furthermore, those “in the know” might recognize some similarities between Heart Chain Kitty and the freeware series A Game with a Kitty. It turns out that Heart Chain Kitty is the official followup!

Cat-astrophe Strikes

A heart-shaped stranger arrives on Kitty Island – bringing very personal news: Kittey’s parents are missing. As Kittey searches for them, he must face what remains of a crumbling, dying world. From Kitty Island to the City of Cyclopia – through a huge comet-struck desert and the deepest pits of Darkside – Kittey’s big journey may lead to some uncomfortable truths …

As the walls of reality close in – and the line between dream and waking life is blurred – remember that everything will be just fine if you keep collecting those strange Power Hearts. If you get enough of those, you’ll surely win! Right …?

Available worldwide on Nintendo Switch, Heart Chain Kitty has been featured in a number of outlets – including Yahoo!, IGN, Kotaku, Destructoid, Nintendo Life, and TouchArcade.

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