What do you get when you bring together 75 weapons, 68 robotic body parts, six playable characters, and the chance of love in a cold, mechanical world? You get Heart&Slash, a fast-paced 3D rogue-like brawler set in a dystopian, robotic world — that’s what!

Developed by aheartfulofgames and pubished by BadLand Games, Heart&Slash leverages teleportation, time stoppages, jetpacks, wall-jumps, and much more to provide an exciting thrill ride of a game, complete with the raddest soundtrack this side of the information superhighway. Permadeath is a thing here — and you’ll have to stay alert because each time you play, things will be different. Levels are short, brutal, and unforgiving: You’ll need to adapt to what you find and make the best out of it as you go forward.

Coverage is available at Giant Bomb, GameInformer, UseAPotion, GameReactor, PC Gamer, and PlayStationLifeStyle.

Give Slash some love on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

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