We were fortunate to work on MidBoss’ fourth annual GaymerX Conference — the most welcoming weekend in gaming — featuring a wealth of speakers, special events, and (of course!) games.

Speakers such as Mark Barlet (AbleGamers) and Tim Cain (Obsidian) take on issues like game accessibility and the evolution of the game industry. Exhibitors have included Blizzard, Oculus, Microsoft, Harmonix, Atari, and Funomena — and attendees are able to connect with organizations such as Extra Life, Women in Games International, Lesbians Who Tech, and the International Game Developers Association..

This year, GaymerX teamed up with the XPO Game Festival (in its inaugural year) to bring a message of fun, diversity and inclusion from San Francisco to America’s Heartland. Read more about XPO here.

Coverage has appeared in PCGamesN, FanGirl Nation, Pixelkin, Broken Joysticks, HardcoreGamer, Game Skinny — and MidBoss founder Matt Conn was interviewed by Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat!

Read more about GaymerX here.