Hiker Games launched FZ9: Timeshift on iOS and Android. The first-person shooter allows users to become an American soldier named Mak, a test subject of the government’s “Project FZ,” who went into hibernation during the Cold War, and woke up in the future with the ability to freeze time.

In FZ9: Timeshift, players can eliminate enemies using a special “bullet time” mechanic, which allows them to slow down time and take the perfect shot. The game’s single-player campaign mode features over 30 missions to complete, and gives users access to a variety of weapons, such as the Glock 17 and AK-47.

As gamers progress through the campaign, they can unlock new skills and abilities for Mak. Players can also upgrade the game’s existing weapons or create their own using parts.

Outside of the game’s campaign mode, players can participate in online time trials, resource-gathering missions, and weekly challenges.

FZ9: Timeshift is available to download for free on iOS and Android. The game includes in-app purchases.

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