Can you help Slimie save the forest from humans and their horrifying Harvester? We were impressed with China’s Firefish Entertainment, which was inspired to create Flying Slime in response to environmental concerns. Play as an adorable creature made of slime who swings to defend its home. The greedy deforesting humans are trying to destroy everything, and it’s up to you to save the day.

Each gorgeously designed level contains obstacles to clear and enemies to avoid. The beautiful piano music will keep you engaged and calm as you swing across the engaging yet tough environments with a tap of your vine-like slime tail. Hazards and enemies lurk around every corner, and you’ll need all your skill to beat each stage within the time limit for awards and bragging rights. There are multiple ways to play as well — including campaign, survival, multiplayer, and challenge modes.

This swinging platformer has been covered in Pocket Gamer, AppAddict, SocialTimes/Adweek, Altered Confusion, AppleNApps and Invision Community.

Flying Slime is available on iOS — so swing on over to the App Store and check it out!

More information on Firefish Games and Flying Slime is available here.